Certified Company

Since our foundation we continuously work on the performance for our customers. With this goal and plenty of strategic measures implemented, we underwent our first certification process in February 2013.

Continuous shaping of internal production-, communication- and sales-processes as well as our customer-friendly marketing strategies finally melted into a first improved set-up allowing us to pass this first certification process successfully: DQS, a member of the international active IQNet Association granted our fulfilling of the ISO9001:2008 norm.

As a result our customers reliably benefit not only from a carefully enlarged product portfolio, but also from diverse attractive service options among our customer services. Our international distribution networks take care for even faster and straightforward delivery of our products to you. A friendly and problem oriented communication tightens our bonds with our customers worldwide.

Considering a passed certification process as a visible and steady proof of a companies’ progress we are proud of this independent third-party acknowledgement. ReliaTech’s persisting work for the quality of our products and services in the name of our customers stands in agreement with our standards and philosophy and bears fruit.

Who shouldn’t be encouraged?

In February 2016 - earlier than stipulated - we managed to gain the recertification, now, under the ISO9001:2015 norm.

We maintain these standards and are recertified every three years. The current recertification took place in February 2022.

However, our over-all goal remains to convince you as our customer! So feel invited to come into contact and experience the quality of our work on your own.

We are looking forward to make your acquaintance!

Bernhard Barleon, CEO ReliaTech GmbH