Rat Anti-Mouse E-Cadherin

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Size100 µg
Price380 €
CategoryMonoclonal Antibody
Clone Nr.(#6N32)
ReconstitutionCentrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute the antibody with 500 µl sterile PBS and the final concentration is 200 µg/ml.
Stability and StorageLyophilized samples are stable for 2 years from date of receipt when stored at -70°C. Reconstituted antibody can be aliquoted and stored frozen at < -20°C for at least six months without detectable loss of activity.
AntigenMouse recombinant protein E-cadherin
SynonymsCadherin-1; ARC-1, Epithelial cadherin (E-cadherin), Uvomorulin
DescriptionE-Cadherin/Cadherin1, also known as Uvomorulin in the mouse and rat, is a 120 kDa member of the Cadherin family of cell surface glycoproteins that mediate cell adhesion. Mouse ECadherin shares 92% and 81% amino acid sequence identity with the rat and human proteins, respectively. It is a single-pass transmembrane protein that mediates calcium-dependent epithelial cell adhesion. E-Cadherin has five extracellular EC domains that form homophilic cis-clusters between adjacent epithelial cells and trans-clusters within the same cell. E-Cadherin clusters are critical components of adherens junctions between epithelial cells and act in the formation and maintenance of the epithelial cell barrier.
Uniprot IDP09803
Protein RefSeqNP_033994.1.
mRNA RefSeqNM_009864.3

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